How to appliqu C The easy ways

Getting started:

These are materials that you will need to get started

1.      An embroidery machine

2.      Your choice and colors of embroidery thread C I use Rayon

3.      Stabilizer

4.      Appliqu scissors

5.      Your choice of fabrics for the design 

First thing you will need to do is choose the proper stabilizer for the type of item you will be embroidering on. For example: I ALWAYS use a cutaway whenever I am embroidering on knit fabrics such as cotton Ts.

Hoop the item you will be embroidering the appliqu on. And place hoop in Machine. 

Next is to stitch the running stitch.

(The red stitching is the appliqu in this example)


Next step is to place a piece of your fabric large enough so that it is a bit larger than the running stitch that you just stitched. You can use temporary spray adhesive to hold the fabric in place so that it doesnt move while stitching. (This is optional. But my preference is the 505 Spray.) Then run the next running stitch.


Next is to remove the hoop from the machine. DO NOT UNHOOP. This step is only to allow you to be able to carefully cut away the excess fabric. Be sure to cut close to the running stitch, but not so close as to cut the stitching.

Put the hoop back on the machine and allow the machine to stitch the final step which is called the satin stitch.


If you have anything else left to embroider for the design, finish those steps.