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African American Baby Sleeping.    (EM11-10281)

Set of 10 designs are included. Each is for 4x4 hoop.
#1, 3.02"x3.89", 11808 stitches
#2, 3.70"x3.89", 12779 stitches
#3, 3.90"x2.13", 7663 stitches
#4, 3.88"x2.94", 12607 stitches
#5, 1.65"x3.88", 6253 stitches
#6, 2.65"x3.89", 10744 stitches
#7, 2.77"x3.89", 9860 stitches
#8, 1.48"x3.89", 7122 stitches
#9, 3.89"x2.50", 11762 stitches
#10, 3.90"x3.56", 13766 stitches
Machine Format:
        Price: $15.00

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