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The embroidery and applique designs including free samples on this website are the property of You may embroider the purchased or free embroidery designs on the items that you sell. However, you may not sell, trade or distribute these designs without the permission of the company.





    Instant Download

    You are able to download the embroidery designs you have purchased after your order is confirmed. The button for each design is available on the Order Details screen, under each item. Go to Order Details screen and simply click the button to start the download. You need to do it for each item you purchased.
    You can login to your account to download all your past orders. Follow the following steps to go to Order Details and start downloading.

    1. Login

    Click Login and put your email address and password as illustrated bellow -

    2. Go to "My Account"

    Once you successfully logged in, you can click My Account to see the list of your orders under Order History, as shown bellow -

    Click an order number as shown above to go to the Order Details screen of a specific order.

    3. Download each design from Order Details

    Once you clicked an order number in the above step, you are directed to the Order Details screen, partially shown bellow -

    Click the Download Now button to start downloading the design. Make sure you download all designs in the order.

    4. Downloading

    Click button under each item on the Order Details screen to download the files.

    It is normal if you see the following window when you click Instant Download button. To proceed to download the embroidery files, click OK on the first Information Bar window, then click the text box "...Click here for options...", and click "Download File..." as shown bellow.


    When you see the following window popup, click "Save" button.

    You will be presented with the following window for you to select a folder on your computer to save the file -

    Select a folder and click "Save". The embroidery will be downloaded to your computer.

    Once you finished download, you need to unzip the file that contains the embroidery file(s) for your machine. For more information on how to unzip the file, click the Help to unzip a file link.

    If you know your order number, you can also to get to the Order Details screen directly as shown bellow.

    Click Order Download, then type your email address and order number as shown above, and click "Proceed to Order Details". You will be directed to the Order Details screen, shown in Step 3, to start download.

    What is a zipped file? Zipped files are used to reduce the size of the files, to make the files smaller so that they are transferred faster. It has nothing to do with the formats of embroidery designs. That means you can zip any files you would like. 
    You can download the zipped file for each design on the order status screen once your order is confirmed. You may also receive the zipped file via email. You need to unzip the file first in order to use the enclosed embroidery designs. 
    If you purchase a single design, you may receive the file in the machine format you selected unzipped. Instead of .zip, the file will end with the machine format, such as .HUS, .DST, .JEF, etc. You can simply save it in your local directory and it’s ready to be used. All the files you instantly downloaded from your order status screen are zipped.

    How to unzip a file?

    1. Save the file on your PC
    You can instantly download the zipped file for an design you purchased from the order status screen. For help on instant download, please click Here
    If you receive a zipped file via email, you will see an icon that looks like this -on your email as attachment. ".zip" here indicates it is a zipped file. Save the attached file in your local directory.

    2. Extract the files with winzip or other software
    WINZIP is the popular software to zip and unzip files. Of course, you can use other software to unzip it too. 
    Once you saved the zip file on your PC, locate the file, right click the mouse, choose Open with WinZip shown bellow.

    Then you can see all 26 letters are individually opened as below

    Extract these files to the directory you want to store them. Each individual file is now ready to be used!

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